Questions Before Divorce

  1. Have I exhausted all options for reconciliation?
    • Have we tried marriage counseling or therapy?
    • Have we openly communicated our concerns and feelings to each other?
  2. What are the main reasons I want a divorce?
    • Are the issues primarily emotional, financial, or related to trust and infidelity?
    • Are these issues resolvable, or have they been persistent despite efforts to address them?
  3. How will divorce impact my children?
    • How will we manage child custody and visitation?
    • How can we ensure that our children’s emotional and psychological needs are met during and after the divorce?
  4. What are the financial implications of divorce?
    • How will our assets and debts be divided?
    • What are the potential costs of legal fees and other related expenses?
    • How will alimony and child support be determined?
  5. What are my long-term goals and how does divorce fit into them?
    • Am I prepared for the lifestyle changes that come with being single?
    • How will my social and support network change?
  6. How will this decision affect my emotional well-being?
    • Am I prepared for the emotional challenges of divorce?
    • Do I have a support system in place (friends, family, or a therapist) to help me through the process?
  7. What is the best way to proceed with the divorce process?
    • Should we pursue mediation, collaborative divorce, or litigation?
    • How can we ensure the process is as amicable as possible?
  8. Have I consulted with a legal professional?
    • Do I understand my rights and obligations under the law?
    • Have I considered the legal implications of my decision?
  9. What are the living arrangements post-divorce?
    • Where will I live, and can I afford it?
    • How will we handle the sale or division of the family home?
  10. How will my decision affect my future relationships?
    • Am I ready to move on, or do I need more time to heal from this relationship?
    • How will I approach future relationships differently?